Best Commercial Leaf Blowers

Best Commercial Leaf Blowers – Reviews and Top Picks

Looking for the perfect commercial leaf blower can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something that is going to last. Whether you have just started shopping for the perfect commercial leaf blower or you are about to settle on one of a few different models that you are considering, please read this first.

Today, we are going to take a look at five different high-performance commercial leaf blowers, and no two models are alike. All five of them have different strengths and weaknesses that you should take into account for your purpose for it.

Comparison Of The 5 Best Commercial Leaf Blowers





Hitachi RB24EAP

Makita BHX2500CA

Tanaka Handheld Blower

Husqvarna Backpack Blower

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300



​Hitachi RB24EAP

Makita BHX2500CA

​Tanaka Handheld Blower

Husqvarna Backpack Blower

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300

The Best Commercial Leaf Blower Reviews

Hitachi RB24EAP

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a high powered, compact, handheld leaf blower that packs a punch. It leads its class in air volume expended at 441 cubic feet per minute, which provides for efficient and effective debris movement. This leaf blower model uses a tapered nozzle to expel air at high speeds up to 170 miles per hour.

It derives its power from a 23.9 cubic centimeter, commercial grade, two-stroke motor, which makes this leaf blower built to last for years.

The most convenient aspect of this model is that all this power is tucked into an 8.6 handheld package for ease of use and storage. This model will also make you feel comfortable with a seven year consumer use warranty. You can also opt for a two year commercial use warranty or a one year rental use warranty.

What We Liked

  • ​High powered motor with a 23.9 cc engine
  • Air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute
  • Super high powered leaf blower that can blow air up to 170 miles per hour
  • Only 8.6 pounds and is totally handheld for ease of use
  • Incredibly extensive warranties, to give you comfort in knowing that you bought the right leaf blower
  • Fuel powered for high performance

What We Didn't Like

  • ​The fuel lines may start to deteriorate a little after a few years of use
  • The deterioration in the fuel line can cause the motor to stall

Makita BHX2500CA

The Makita BHX2500CA is another powerful leaf blower that has a lot to offer. This is a commercial grade blower, so it is built for some serious cleaning and clearing. This blower comes with a fuel conscious 24.5 cubic centimeter, four stroke, commercial leaf blower. This model is not only fuel efficient but is also environmentally friendly, and passes all the requirements that you need to be meet EPA and CARB exhaust and emission standards.

You can also get this model to startup faster than others because it is equipped with automatic engine decompression. For being a commercial grade leaf blower, it’s pretty light, weighing in at only 9.8 pounds. It uses a dual stage filter which is easy to remove and replace, they are also widely available in stores. It even has a heavy duty muffler to keep noise below 67 decibels.

What We Liked

  • ​Commercial grade leaf blower that packs a ton of power
  • Muffler that brings down the volume of this robust leaf blower down to 67 decibels
  • Meets EPA and CARB emissions and exhaust standards, which makes this blower totally environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable to hold because of the rubber grips, and weighs in at only 9.8 pounds
  • Faster start-ups because of the automatic engine decompression system

What We Didn't Like

  • ​There is a defect in the choke which actually makes this blower hard to start
  • Hard to determine the oil level because of the design

Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc 1.3 HP Two-Stroke Gas Powered Handheld Blower

This leaf blower by Tanaka, is another powerful commercial grade leaf blower that is slightly bigger and more expensive than the Makita that we just took a look at. This blower has a 25 cubic centimeter, two stroke, 1.3 horsepower engine. Around the tube, this blower offers 393 cubic feet per minute blowing capacity.

It is nice and quiet as well, only getting as loud as 68 decibels, which is a nice plus when aren’t trying to disturb your neighbors. Though it is built for commercial use, it comes with either a three year consumer warranty or a two year commercial use warranty.

It has a soft grip so that it is comfortable to hold onto, and ways in slightly heavier than the other models that we have looked at so far, weighing in at 10.9 pounds.

What We Liked

  • ​For the power that it packs, this blower is extremely quiet, only getting up to 68 decibels
  • Two or three year warranty, depending on whether it is going to be for commercial or consumer use
  • Powerful 1.3 horsepower engine
  • Blowing power of 393 cubic feet per minute
  • Comfortable handle for easy carrying and use

What We Didn't Like

  • ​The light body and the power that this model delivers can make it hard to control with just one handle
  • Does not have a cruise control function for the throttle
  • You have to manually toggle the on switch before you start it up

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

At this point in our review, we have taken a look at some standard sized, compact, commercial and consumer use blowers. This Husqvarna is different in that it is the tankiest leaf blower that we have taken a look at thus far. This leaf blower is a heavy-duty backpack model that has a 50 cubic centimeter engine, which is nearly twice the size of the models that we’ve looked at so far.

It has a powerful X-Torq engine that can blow air up to 250 miles per hour. What’s nice is that this blower is that support, ventilation, and weight distribution from the hip belt, harness, and shoulder straps. Even with all of the power that this blower packs into it, it still manages to maintain its CARB emission status.

What We Liked

  • ​Super powerful 50 cubic centimeter engine
  • Backpack model that provides great support, ventilation, and even weight distribution to make it comfortable for use
  • Can blow air up to 250 miles per hour, so it is perfect for intense or heavy blowing tasks
  • Passes CARB emission standards
  • Two year consumer warranty
  • Weighs in at only 11.66 pounds

What We Didn't Like

  • ​The pull chain takes a lot of force to yank
  • The tube is a little short for as big as this unit is

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 80V 125MPH - 500CFM Cordless Blower

This GreenWorks Pro blower is unique because it is the first and only electric powered blower that we are going to examine in this review. One may doubt the length of time that you can use a battery powered blower, but this model can actually run up to an hour and ten minutes of continuous use before it needs to be charged again.

The batteries and battery charger are both included, so you don’t have to buy it separately. The Digipro motor that it uses delivers power equivalent to a 32 cubic centimeter gas powered motor. And can blow at 125 miles per hour at 500 cubic feet per minute. For how powerful this blower is, it only gets as loud as 60 decibels, and only weighs 6.6 pounds.

What We Liked

  • ​Totally battery powered so that you don’t have to worry about getting fuel
  • Comes with the batteries and charger that you need
  • Super quiet performance
  • Can blow up to 125 miles per hour at 500 cubic feet per minute
  • Comparable to gas motors in terms of power

What We Didn't Like

  • ​Doesn’t blow as fast as some gas powered blowers
  • There is no automatic cutoff on the charge pack, so you shouldn’t leave your blower on the charger

How To Choose The Best Commercial Leaf Blower

Here are a few pointers that we recommend when it comes to choosing the perfect commercial leaf blower, for you.

Where Are you Going to be Using it?

Are you going to use this leaf blower to clear out your garage or workshop?

Are you going to use it to blow the stray leaves away from your pool to save you some hassle?

Thinking about using this blower to move piles of wet and dry leaves?

For each of these circumstances, you are going to have different needs for your leaf blower. Also, consider your geography and where you live. Does where you’re planning to use this leaf blower have a high concentration of shedding trees? Do you get a lot of rain in your area? If you do, you may need a more powerful blower.

The Environment and Pollution

Do you have any environmental or noise regulations in the area that would prevent the use of some blowers over others? If you are planning on using your blower in a city or a highly congested area, you are more than likely going to need a quieter and more environmental friendly leaf vacuum.

Gas or Electric

In terms of power, where do you want to get yours? Electric blowers tend to be a little lighter and can be quieter, but can lack power in comparison to gas blowers. With gas, you have to buy fuel for the blower, and with electric you need to charge your battery packs before use. These are just a few things that you may want to consider before purchasing your leaf blower.


​​Now, you have a view of some powerful and eclectic commercial leaf blowers. We know what you are thinking: who came out on top at the end of this comparison? Personally, we liked the Hitachi the best, for several reasons.

The power that it offers is promising, it’s one of the lightest weight gas blowers that we have looked at, and it has a three year commercial or a seven year consumer warranty. The price is reasonable and the performance is promising for blowing away large piles of wet and dry leaves, which is why we consider this blower the winner in this bunch.

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