Miele Complete C3 Cat And Dog Canister Vacuum Review

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Review

Miele has been offering quality vacuum cleaners since 1931, and the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner is no different. It’s packed with features and functionality that may prove useful to you. As the name suggests, it also has a few tricks up its sleeve that might help if you have a pet.

I’d love to share with you my thoughts about the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner below to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Features and Functionality

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum features make it a versatile option that you may use in many situations. Here’s the breakdown of some of the most noticeable features that the product offers.

Motor With 6-Speed Settings

The 1200 Watt motor included with the vacuum cleaner comes with 6-speed settings. Allowing you to utilize its maximum power all the way down to silent mode and everything in between.

The silent mode might be a great option for you if you’re sound-sensitive or if your pets are easily scared by the sound.

On the other hand, you can run the vacuum cleaner on maximum power to get rid of pet hair, heavy dust, or dirt with ease.

All the speed settings can be controlled using foot controls, which you might appreciate for the extra convenience.

Durable Vacuum Cleaner Body

Miele implemented a bumper strip covering all sides of the vacuum cleaner in their C2 and C3 line of products. This should practically protect both your furniture and the vacuum cleaner from any unintentional bumps.

Attachments and Accessories

A rather interesting aspect for most people is all the available options that you can choose to use on your Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner. Here’s a list of the attachments that you can use:

SEB 228 Electro Plus Electrobrush

This innovative Electrobrush can help to clear out dust or pet hair from carpets of different heights or even flat surfaces. It tackles these different heights and textures using a five-level height adjustment that you can control using foot controls.

SBB300-3 Parquet Twister

Different from the SEB 228 Electro Plus Electrobrush, this parquet twister allows you to clear any smooth floor easily.

What makes it stand out from different options is how easy it is to cover hard-to-reach areas. As the name suggests, the Parquet “Twister” can twist up to 180 degrees by a simple hand flip in either direction.

STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

The Mini Turbobrush’s main use is for removing pet hair. It achieves that using both strong suction and an implemented brush, which pulls the hair from any fabric or furniture.

Additional Three Mini-Accessories

Housed in the body of the vacuum cleaner itself are three mini-accessories that you can use in various situations.

Upholstery Nozzle

The Upholstery nozzle can be attached to the vacuum cleaner to fully remove dust or pet hair from any furniture or fabric

Dusting Brush

The Dusting Brush is delicate and light on any surface. That makes it a nice accessory for clearing out dust from any glass or wooden surfaces.

Crevice Nozzle

Perhaps the most used of the additional three accessories, the crevice nozzle can prove very useful in many situations. You can use its tiny nozzle to clear the dust out of any narrow curves in furniture or under fridges or any home appliances.


Even though the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog seems like a reliable option, it’s not a perfect one. There are some cons in the product that only you can decide if they’re fine or a deal-breaker.

Customer Service

Some customers have reported that customer care isn’t as effective as it should be. Especially at the price point of the product being on the high-end side.

Customers reported that customer service response for simple broken parts was to ship or take the vacuum cleaner to a service center or return it for a new one. Unlike what they were hoping for, which is having the part simply shipped to them.

This might not be a con if you don’t want to replace parts yourself or don’t mind going to a service center. It’s up to you to decide if it’s convenient or not.

Weight and Maneuverability

For some users, the product may be a little heavy and hard to move around, requiring more effort than expected.

For that reason, you should know that the weight of the vacuum cleaner as stated by Miele is 10.34 lbs.

Unique Features

Here are some of the most remarkable unique features that Miele brought to the table with the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog.

Active AirClean Filter

The active AirClean filter offered by Miele is a nice addition that you may find useful if you have a pet. It filters the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner using an active charcoal filter. Thus, preventing any odors from spreading.

Miele's AirClean filter usually lasts to around a year, based on your use. Also, it has an indicator on the side to let you know how long it will be able to operate efficiently.

It’s also worth noting that you have more than one option regarding the filter you decide to use. For example, Miele also offers the HEPA filter which can be installed the same way.

The HEPA filter offers you a different use; it filters out fine particles, down to 0.3 micrometers. Unlike the Active AirClean Filter which offers you odor filtration and minor particle filtration.

My recommendation is that the HEPA filter would make sense if you or anyone in the house has allergies. The Active AirClean Filter would be a decent choice to block any bad odors from spreading.

Note that the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog only comes with the Active AirClean Filter. Meaning that the HEPA filter is a separate purchase.

AirClean Sealed System

Miele has implemented this option across most of its products line. It basically ensures that all captured dust remains in the double sealed bag thanks to its flap.

It’s also worth noting that the bag itself is replaceable. Miele has included an indicator that lights up in red, letting you know that the bag is full and needs changing. Moreover, as a safety feature, the product won’t even let you close the lid without the bag being correctly placed and locked in.

I like to think of it as a sidekick to the Active AirClean Filter, ensuring that none of the dust reaches the air again.

For The Extra Convenience

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner offers you various options that you may take advantage of to make its use more convenient for you and everyone in the house.

It achieves that by utilizing the Active AirClean Filter with the active charcoal filter and the AirClean Sealed System. Combined, they ensure that no odors or dust particles will be released back into the air.

Moreover, the silent option for the included vortex motor is a great addition. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, you won’t need to make as much noise when using it.

Bottom Line On The Miele C3 Cat & Dog

It’s good to know that Miele has addressed the issue of pet hair and dirt that your cat or dog may bring indoors from the garden in an efficient way. They’ve achieved that by offering you all the tools and features needed to maintain a clean house, even with your pet.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner is an overall decent product. But only if you deem it so. Like any product, it does have certain drawbacks. However, it’s packed with features and settings, making it a considerable option in most cases if you have a pet.

I’m certainly happy that I’ve shared my thoughts with you regarding the product. But after all, only you can weigh the pros and cons of the product to decide if it's the right one for you.

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