Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet – Compared and Reviewed

​Wool carpets look and feel very nice, but when it comes to cleaning them, it can be a huge task especially if you do not have the best vacuum for wool carpets. Many of the ordinary vacuums can be a bit too strong and end up tearing the carpet, or they may not have enough strength and the carpet just never gets cleaned.

​We have carried out research on different brands to identify the most efficient vacuums to use on wool carpets. Many of them are designed with delicate carpets in mind so they seem to do a really impressive job. Below are the 5 that made to final cut and hopefully you will be impressed by 1 of them and choose to give it a try.

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Comparison

Soniclean SFC7000-HH Soft Carpet Vacuum4.5Check Price
Miele Complete C34.5Check Price
Shark Rocket DuoClean HV3824.5Check Price
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum4.5Check Price
Severin BC7058-N Germany Special Vacuum Cleaner4Check Price

​Review Of The ​​​5 Best Vacuums For Wool Carpet

1. ​Soniclean SFC7000-HH Soft Carpet Vacuum

There is no ignoring the fact that when you buy this vacuum, you get 2 for the price of one since it also comes with a handheld canister vacuum. But you probably are more interested in how well it performs on your wool carpet. Well, first of all, it has a unique cleaning feature specially designed for soft carpets. It has a vibrating mode which loosens dirt, hair and any other particles on the fibre before it is sucked up.

​It also gives you the option to regulate the suction power and there is a jam sensor that will switch off the vacuum in case of clogging. There are a number of amazing features this vacuum has and it is no surprise since it was made in conjunction with carpet makers and designed specifically for delicate carpets.


  • ​It is money well spent since you also get a handheld vacuum with this upright one
  • thumbs-o-upIt vibrates to loosen dirt in the carpet before sucking it up and this ensures gentle yet effective cleaning
  • thumbs-o-upIt has a long power cord which allows you to move over a wider radius as you vacuum
  • thumbs-o-upIt provides useful information like when the bag is full and if there is clogging
  • thumbs-o-upIt comes with a number of useful tools and there is a carry case for them
  • thumbs-o-upIts wheels are large and adapted for easy movement over wool carpets


  • ​It is rather loud
  • thumbs-o-downThe handheld unit does not have equal suction power

​2​. ​Miele Complete C3

Although this vacuum may not vibrate like the Soniclean, it does have a special brush for soft carpets which includes wool carpets. It also has 7 speeds including one for soft carpets and you can switch between speeds using your foot.

​The vacuum was designed to work on any type of floor with its height adjustment so you are getting a complete home vacuum. It also twists and turns easily over the carpet surface without damaging the delicate fabric. With a 33 foot cord, you can have sufficient cleaning radius and when you are done with the vacuuming, you do not have to wind the cord yourself, you simply press a button and it will self-rewind. It also comes with useful tools and accessories and they are all stored on the vacuum.


  • ​You can use it on different levels of carpet thickness as well as on different floor surface
  • thumbs-o-upThere are 7 settings for the motor speed with one of them specially designed for soft carpets like wool
  • thumbs-o-upYou can control the motor speed with your foot which saves time
  • thumbs-o-upThe head can twist up to 180 degrees which makes it easier to get tight places
  • thumbs-o-upIt has headlights so you can clean darks spaces like under chairs
  • thumbs-o-upIts suction is strong enough to get dirt from deep inside the carpet fibers
  • thumbs-o-upIt is not very loud in comparison to other canister vacuums


  • ​It is one of the more expensive vacuums for wool carpets

​3​. ​Shark DuoClean HV382

The Shark DuoClean has to brush rolls with one designed specially for soft carpets. It also combines strong suction with bristles that dig into the carpet to give it a deep clean without destroying the fabric. It is able to handle different carpet levels as well as different floor types.

​I like its lightweight which makes it easy to lift it and walk to another spot to continue cleaning it. I would recommend it to people who like to do spot cleaning and not complete home vacuuming. It is also able to transform fast and easy into a handheld vacuum so that you can clean above ground areas like shelves and chairs. This vacuum has a number of tools which makes it versatile.


  • ​The duo technology makes it good for soft carpets as well as other floor surfaces
  • thumbs-o-upIt is lightweight which makes quick cleaning much easier
  • thumbs-o-upIt has a long cord of 30 feet which gives a wide cleaning radius
  • thumbs-o-upIt comes with a docking station so you can hang it on the wall for easy storage
  • thumbs-o-upThe stick can be removed and it will be used as a handheld vacuum
  • thumbs-o-upYou can use it for different surfaces in the house
  • thumbs-o-upThe suction is constant so dirt is not left behind


  • ​For a vacuum with powerful suction, the size of the bin is disappointing and you have to empty it from time to time if you are doing big jobs.

​4. ​Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

​​If you like the Shark, but you prefer more freedom to move around the home without cord restriction, then you probably would like this cordless vacuum. Obviously like most cordless vacuums, you will need to recharge the battery but this one comes with a battery that lasts 40 minutes which is double what most of the other cordless vacuums can offer.

I also like its motorized floor tool which gives more suction only that it means the battery runtime is halved.  I would recommend it for spot cleaning because of its agile nature and it can be kept handy on its wall mount which also is used to charge it.


  • ​It has a longer battery life compared to other cordless vacuums which gives you more time to clean before you need to recharge
  • thumbs-o-upThe weight is well balanced so that carrying it is comfortable and anyone can use it
  • thumbs-o-upIt has complete HEPA filtration which ensures allergens are trapped within
  • thumbs-o-upIf you have stubborn pet hair, there is the max power mode which provides even stronger suction
  • thumbs-o-upEmptying it of dust is easy and hygienic.
  • thumbs-o-upWith a simple release of the lid, the contents will pour intothe bin.


  • ​The max power mode takes up a lot of battery power that it can only run for 7 minutes

5. Severin BC7058-N Germany Special Vacuum Cleaner

​Severin is a well known German brand that we have come to learn is famous for making reliable vacuums. This canister vacuum is among such reliable and innovative products. It provides you with constant and strong suction which pulls out dirt without spoiling the delicate wool carpet.

The HEPA filter will ensure that the air remains fresh, free from odors, allergens, mold, and spores. It comes with additional accessories so that you are able to clean other areas of the home as well, like furniture, hard floor, and boards. Its noise level is 75dbs which is lower than many other vacuums this strong.


  • ​It has strong suction yet remains gentle on the delicate carpet
  • thumbs-o-upThe HEPA filter is able to suck up odor from the carpet along with allergens
  • thumbs-o-upIt has a history of over 100 years of quality and reliability which makes it a brand you can trust
  • thumbs-o-upIt has a number of helpful accessories and there is a bag in which you can carry them
  • thumbs-o-upThe company provides great customer support online for users overseas
  • thumbs-o-upIt is made from solid plastic that can even survive a tumble down stairs


  • ​It takes a bit of getting used to using many of the accessories to get the best out of the vacuum

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Wool Carpets

​Wool carpets are one of the most delicate carpets, if you choose the wrong vacuum, you could end up with threads for a carpet because the threads can be easily pulled out and the entire carpet is destroyed. Unlike other carpets, it is not advised to go for try and error because the error could cost you an entire carpet. Here are a few tips on choosing a vacuum for wool carpets.

​Avoid tough brushes

​ While with other conventional carpets we would advise you to get strong brushes that can dig into the fabric, with wool it is the total opposite, if you get a vacuum with a brush roll, it is best to find one that has soft bristles that will not damage the fibres of the wool carpet but at the same time it should be able to pull out the dirt or hairs that are trapped in there since wool tends to trap more dirt especially the thick pile carpets.

​Vibrating technology is good

​ since you cannot have strong brushes, a good alternative is a vacuum with vibration technology, this helps to loosen the dirt and debris so that it can be sucked up by the vacuum. This is not a very common technology but you can find a few brands that make vacuums with this feature

​Strong suction

​It is also important that the vacuum has strong suction, this is especially important because you will not be able to use strong bristle brushes. At the same time though, the suction should not be too strong that it ends up destroying the wool carpet. A 1000Watt motor and above should be able to provide the kind of suction you may need.

​Filter system

​The best vacuums have great filter systems. We would recommend those with HEPA filters but you may also find other types of filter systems that are equally effective in ensuring the vacuum is not just sucking up and the releasing dirt into the air. The filter system also helps to protect the motor and ensure it lasts longer.

​Ease of use

​You know how knowledgeable you are when it comes to dealing with technology so find something that is within your ability to use. Some vacuums may have more technology than you may care to understand and using it turns out to be more of a burden. The best vacuums are usually easy to use and everything is easy to find and use.


​While you may be looking for a vacuum for wool carpet, it is likely that not every inch of your home is covered in wool carpet, so it is wise to have a vacuum that can do more than just vacuum wool. Find one with accessories that can be added to it so that you can use it on other floor types as well as above ground surfaces.


​When we take all things into consideration, there is just one vacuum that stands tall among the rest. This is not to say the others are not good, but this one is the giant among giants.

The Soniclean is the best vacuum for wool carpets. We are amazed by its 2 stage cleaning technique which involves vibrating to loosen the dirt and debris and then powerful suction to take them out of the carpet. It also has a sealed bag which ensures nothing escapes.

Just like the highly reliable German motor vehicles, this vacuum is quite reliable and it bears a seal of quality from the German standards authority. It is strong and efficient and yet it will not leave your woolen carpet in tartars. It is our number one choice but feel free to make a choice from any of the 5 recommended ones.

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