Greenworks 24322 Leaf Blower and Vacuum Review

Greenworks 24322 Leaf Blower and Vacuum Review

This Greenworks 24322 Leaf Blower and Vacuum review takes a detailed deep dive into what a high performing, low operating cost and environmentally friendly power tool looks like.

The Greenworks leaf blower and vacuum is a refreshingly low cost tool to run whilst still out performing many of its counterparts on the market. It is run by a powerful brushless motor which reduces the operating costs and emissions. Refreshingly, this zero emissions output makes it low cost not only on your hip pocket, but on the environment as well.



It has a variable speed of up to 185 mph. This means you can dial the speed up or down depending on what you are doing. The motor itself is a controlled brushless motor which means it will perform like a high quality gas-like model, even though it is battery powered.

Also, the brushless motor means it has a longer running time, with more power and more torque. The result of this is there is less wear and tear which inevitably extends the life of your garden power tool.

Battery Powered

It is a cordless blower and works on a G-MAX 40V 4.0 ah battery, which is included. A single charge will usually last you up to 4.5 bags. Note each bag collection capacity is approximately 1.2 bushels with a mulch ratio of 10:1. The ratio means that the mulching function will reduce 10 bags of debris down to just 1 after it has been mulched down.

User Friendly

The on/off switch is easily accessible and it includes a turbo button for intensive blasts or suction. To use the blower, install the blower tube and close the intake gate. To use the vacuum component, you just put the bag where the blower tube would normally be and install the mulch tubes in place of the intake gate.

To mulch, you then disengage the vacuum tube and /or mulch gate and attach the mulcher tube. It is really just a matter of changing over the attachments.

Environmentally Friendly

Once you have finished cleaning up your yard, the final bag of mulched organic material can be recycled for organic compost material, which will revitalize your soil. Not only is this tool a big win through saving you time, money and energy, it is also going to be a big win for your soil and garden.


You’ll be pleased to hear that this leaf blower and vacuum comes with a rare 4 year warranty included. I call this rare as most of the comparable power tools provided by other brands seem to only have 2 year limited warranties.

This is outstanding value and shows the confidence and belief the manufacturer has in their product. One thing to note though is that the battery warranty is 2 years, which is usual for battery components.


The versatility of this Greenworks 24322 leaf blower means you only need this tool to blow, vacuum and mulch your garden debris and grass cuttings. You do not need to purchase other power tools that do each action individually. This leaf blower performs all of these functions. It is a space saver in your garage or shed.

Wet And Dry Material

This leaf blower and vacuum can be used for both wet and dry material. Even after a light snow, it will still suck up a pile of leaves with no issues at all.

Because of the wet and dry suction capability, the wet leaves and debris will not clog your tool. Unlike other similar models on the market that have a zero tolerance for wet material, the Greenworks leaf vacuum can tolerate both with ease.


It is ideal for about a ¼ acre in one hit, though you can use it for smaller areas, or there is also the option to buy extra batteries if you have a larger yard that you need to clean in one hit.

Common Questions

What's It Like To Operate?

Before you buy this leaf blower you need to know that you can lift this tool right? Well no concern needed as weighing in at a very light 9.92 pounds, so it is a breeze to lift, carry and raise.

When you need to blow dead leaves from their tree branches, you won’t find yourself suffering neck pain the next day because of this leaf blower’s lightweight construction. With its wind speed ranging up to 185 mph, there is not much garden debris or grass cuttings that will fight it.

Also, its tidy ergonomic design allows you to get a good grip on its handle with gloves on or off. Another handy feature is that there is a harness that goes over your shoulder to keep the bag on securely.

Is It Noisy?

In short, no. The noise emitted from it is relatively low and will not anger your neighbors, even if you have to use it for longer periods of time.

Is It Easy To Clean and Maintain?

Absolutely. Cleaning is as simple as blowing or brushing out the air vents. Then wipe off the hosing and the external components using a wet cloth. Avoid using any cleaning detergents or chemicals on it as some cleaners may cause a shock hazard.

Always keep the charger clean (dry cloth only) and away from any debris. Before you pack the Greenworks leaf blower away, be sure to charge the battery fully and allow it to cool before you store it.

Empty the bag after you use it each time to maintain its integrity. Turn the bag inside out and shake out all of the material inside it. It’s also a good idea to wash the bag once a season using water alone, no detergent or cleaners as these could ruin the integrity of the material.

Other Considerations

Battery And Charger

Before you purchase this leaf blower, check that the battery and battery charger are included. We have had some disappointed reviewers advise us that when they bought this model, they had to pay extra for the charger and battery. Although this is due to choosing the wrong option when purchasing, we recommended you double check you are selecting the right item to avoid any disappointment later on.


If you are thinking about utilizing a battery or charger from another power tool model, be sure to consult the manufacturing specifications as there are limits with what is compatible and what is not, especially for this tool. We think it’s safest to stick with the options provided by Greenworks as you know that they will work, are compatible, and not potentially void any warranties.


Avoid picking up or trying to mulch twigs as this may well damage the impeller. In fact the maximum size of debris should be no bigger than 4mm.

Value For Money

As a result of the innovative brushless motor, the life span of this tool is extended by 80% which makes it much easier on the pocket when contemplating which power tool will give you the best value for your money over its lifetime. You will not need to replace it the subsequent years due to its longevity, and its versatility will not have your garage or shed brimming with different power tools for different functions.

Summing Up The Greenworks 24322 Leaf And Blower Vac

This leaf blower is extremely popular for a good reason. It is the real deal, it performs each function powerfully and is an ideal leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher to have in your power tool arsenal.

I actually recommend this garden power tool to all my friends and family, and I hope that this Greenworks 24322 leaf blower and vacuum review does it justice, and provides you with the necessary information you need to conquer your backyard clean up.

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