Bissell 18P03 Garage Pro Wall Mounted Shop Vac Review

BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro Wall Mount Vacuum Review

When vacuuming, I find that there is a lot of guesswork into whether the tank is full or not and when the vacuum is far, I have to work over from time to time just to check if it is full, well with the BISSELL 18P03 all the guess work is removed.

With BISSELL 18P03 garage pro wall mount vacuum, there is no reason to guess since there are indicator lights and the tank is semi-transparent so you will know if it is full. This is a vacuum you may find worth investing in.

Who is the Bissell 18P03 made for?

Looking at the most outstanding features on the vacuum, that is the wall mounting and long hose, I would recommend it for car owners as well as people running a workshop or professional kitchen. It has strong suction to handle basement cleanups as well and it is possible to dismount it and carry it down to the basement.

Features of the BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro Wall Mount Vacuum

Indicator lights & semi-translucent tank

The front of the Bissell 18P03 has 3 indicator lights that can tell you if the dirt tank is full as well as if the vacuum is on. The tank too is semi-translucent so you can see the level of waste in there. These features take out the guesswork from knowing when the tank needs to be emptied and there is no risk of overflow. The lights can be seen even when you are the full hose distance away from the vacuum so no need to walk up to it to see the level.

Wall Mount

The 18P03 is easy to install on the wall and the vacuum itself is lightweight so it is easy to mount it and dismount it. If you do not have enough storage space in your garage, you may appreciate that you can keep the vacuum on the wall. Also, I like having a central point where the vacuum is located because there is no hassle when you need to use it, instead of pulling it out of storage, you just walk up to the vac, turn it on and star vacuuming.

Long hose

The hose is 32 feet which makes it conveniently long enough to reach all the corners of an ordinary sized garage and depending on where the unit is mounted, you can even vacuum the car while it is outside the garage. I think most vac owners appreciate a long hose because it gives them sufficient reach especially if you are using a wall mounted vac. Very few wall mountable vacuums have a hose as long as this one.

Continuous wet or dry vacuuming

The filter system in this vacuum is able to handle both wet and dry waste so there is no hassle, changing filters when switching from dry to wet. It saves time being able to vacuum continuously and not having to start with one kind. If you are using this in a kitchen, it is very convenient since kitchens have a lot of wet and dry messes and you do not want to be bothered changing filters. It also saves money since when replacing filters you do not have to purchase 2 different types.

Strong suction

The vacuum has a 4 peak horsepower motor which ensures it produces powerful suction. It is important that when a vac has a long hose, the suction is strong enough so that power is not lost through the length of the hose. It will suck up fine dust as well as debris like nails and bolts and when you use it as a blower, it still delivers strong wind. I think it can serve as a yard blower if you take it off the mount instead of using a rake or broom to sweep the leaves.

Highlighted Features

  • Wet and dry vacuuming
  • Wall mountable
  • 4 peak horsepower
  • 4-gallon tank
  • 32-foot hose
  • 5 feet power cord
  • Converts to blower


  • ​It is easy to install on the wall
  • Has a long hose
  • Vacuums wet and dry without changing the filter
  • Comes with a number of useful tools
  • It has indicator lights for when the tank is full
  • The tank is semi translucent


  • ​It tends to get clogged up a lot when you vacuum fine dust

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​Q. How do you empty the tank?

A. The positioning of the tank makes it possible to remove it from the rest of the unit without having to dismount the unit.

​Q. Can I use this on my pet?

A. There is a ShedWay tool that is designed for dogs and cats but be sure they do not mind the sound of a vacuum.


I would recommend the Bissell 18P03 to a car owner who wants a vacuum that can be used on the wall without the problem of the hose being too short. It is also helpful for people who do not like having to walk to the tank to see if it needs emptying. Its strong suction and versatile tools make it possible for you to use it in other places like the basement, living room or workshop.

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