Best Robot Vacuums

Best Robot Vacuums in 2020: Reviews and Complete Buyers Guide

For many of us, time is a commodity that we never seem to have enough of so whenever we can find a gadget that will buy us some more time, we are more than happy to use it. Well vacuuming the home is a chore that we cannot avoid but if you have the best robot vacuum, keeping your house clean should not be a problem and you do not need to spend a lot of time doing it.

Robot vacuums have undergone a lot of transformations and upgrades and it can be quite a maze trying to find the best for your need. This guide offers you just about every important information you may need on the subject and gives you a top 10 review we hope you will find useful. Let us jump straight to the best of them.

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Comparison Of The Top 10 Best Robot Vacuums






iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Eufy RoboVac 11+

iRobot Roomba 960

Shark ION ROBOT 750

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


ILIFE V5s Pro Robot

iRobot Roomba 980

Neato Botvac D5




​iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

​Eufy RoboVac 11+

​iRobot Roomba 960

Shark ION ROBOT 750

​Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


ILIFE V5s Pro Robot

iRobot Roomba 980

Neato Botvac D5

The Best Robot Vacuum Reviews


This robot has a great combination of modern technology, practicality and effectiveness and you get all that at a considerably lower price than so many other robot vacuums that do pretty much the same thing. When it comes to technology, it is impressive how its sensors will prevent it from falling down stairs and it will not collide with objects in the house. Unlike a number of robot vacuums, this one rarely gets stuck under furniture.

It has floating wheels too which allow it to adjust its height in order to go over different levels and terrain. You can connect it to your home wi-fi and it has an APP which you can use to control it and it tells you when accessories need to be changed.

What We Liked

  • It comes at a reasonable price in comparison to other similar robot vacuums
  • It is not loud so you can even watch TV or talk on the phone as it does its work without interference
  • It is just 7.8cm tall which makes it great for cleaning under furniture and other hard to reach places
  • It is able to separate carpet fibres which helps it clean deeper especially on low pile carpet
  • It uses HEPA style filtration which can trap dust and allergens making it good for people with allergy
  • The lithium battery can last 100 minutes with constant suction and the robot will return to recharge on its own
  • It uses smart cleaning technology which makes it adapt to the home environment

What We Didn't Like

  • In comparison to other robot vacuums, this one takes longer to finish the task
  • It is suited mainly for hard surface cleaning and low carpets

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

One of my dreams is to own a robot that I can talk to, this particular one comes close to that since it can take commands to start and stop or to dock using the APP. That is not the only impressive technology feature of the 690, it also has dust sensors that can recognise areas with more dust that may need more intense cleaning. It is one of the best robot vacuums for pet hair since it has the dual brush system which loosens and then removes dust and hairs from carpets.

This robot actually makes intelligent decisions as it cleans your home and it can adjust the brush levels according to the surface it is cleaning. I am truly impressed by its performance and would recommend it for anyone who has pets and does not wish to vacuum every day but appreciates a pet hair free floor or carpet.

What We Liked

  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so it will follow voice commands which is more convenient to use
  • It has dirt detect technology so it will concentrate more on areas with more dirt
  • It has dual multi-surface brushes which helps it clean different surfaces effectively
  • It has a brush which helps to loosen pet hair from the carpet so it is good for pet owners
  • It has a number of sensors so that it is able to make smart decisions every second to effectively clean the home
  • Using the App, it keeps you updated on the cleaning progress with updates sent directly to your phone wherever you are

What We Didn't Like

  • For messy people, this may not be very appropriate since it will pick up a lot of stuff on the floor and end up needing emptying quite soon
  • It does not resume vacuuming after returning to the dock for recharging

Eufy RoboVac 11+

If what you are looking for is sheer suction power, then this is a really good candidate. In comparison to most of the other vacuums, this Eufy RoboVac 11 is quite impressive. I would use it for tough jobs like sucking up stubborn dirt which some robot vacuums may fail to deal with. To match the strong suction is a large dust box. You can use this on carpets and hard floors and it has a good height to fit under most furniture.

You have the option of controlling it using the buttons on the robot, but that would be only if you cannot find the remote. While it has infrared sensors that can prevent it from occasionally bumping into objects, it also has pressure resistant bumpers that will protect both the object and the vacuum from damage in case it bumps into something.

What We Liked

  • It has power boost technology which increases suction power when extra strength is needed making it good for carpets as well as stubborn dirt
  • The dirt box can contain 0.55 litres of dirt which makes it bigger than many other dirt boxes
  • It has a reasonably long runtime of 100 plus minutes before it will return to recharge
  • It goes for under 300 dollars which makes it budget friendly for a robot vacuum
  • It is equipped with bumpers which prevent damage and scratches when it bumps into or brushes against objects

What We Didn't Like

  • It is pretty basic with no outstanding technology and it does not even have an App to connect to your phone

iRobot Roomba 960

If you have an entire floor to be cleaned, this is the vacuum you can choose. It is more expensive than most of the other vacuums we have already seen but its ability to navigate from one room to another along with other features can make it worth the investment. There is the aeroforce cleaning system which provides 5 times the cleaning power needed which makes it effective when cleaning carpets.

It is also able to resume vacuuming after recharging and the battery will last over an hour. It comes with just about all the features of a standard Roomba and is good for homes with pets and high traffic areas.

What We Liked

  • Aeroforce system which provides extra power to lift up dirt or hairs in carpets and on the floor
  • It has sensors that will notice areas that need the most attention and more power
  • It can be controlled from anywhere using your mobile phone and it even gives a report and shows you a map of where it has already cleaned.
  • It has a cleaning head which automatically adjusts its height according to the surface it is cleaning
  • It has voice-activated control using the APP
  • It can navigate from one room to the next making it possible to clean an entire level

What We Didn't Like

  • It is a bit bigger than it looks in the pictures and may not easily clean under low furniture like sofas

Shark ION ROBOT 750

This robot vacuum from Shark is quite easy to use, it is the kind of robot I would give my old grandmother and be sure she will not need to call to ask how to operate it. There are the basic buttons you would need to operate it right on the top of the bot. You can give more commands using the APP and even schedule its cleaning.

It is fitted with tangle-free brushes so you will not have to come to its rescue as it vacuums pet hair off a carpet. Interestingly, it cleans thick carpets better than the thinner ones. It is also quite low so it easily gets under low furniture and will not get stuck under there. Generally, this robot has received a number of positive reviews for its performance and ease of use.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to use even for someone who is not good with technology
  • There is the detangling technology which allows it to roll free of hairs as it cleans carpets
  • Emptying the dust bin is quick and easy
  • It has a low profile which makes it able to clean under low furniture where many other bots can’t go
  • It has voice activation so if it is lost under a chair, you can find it easily
  • It comes with an extra set of side brushes which saves you money when you need to replace them
  • Shark has priced the accessories you will need to replace cheaply

What We Didn't Like

  • It does not do a perfect cleaning job in just one cleaning cycle
  • It is priced higher than some other robots that do a better job than it

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In this Deik you get 2 for the price of one and that price is amazingly budget friendly. This vacuum is able to mop the floor as well as do the ordinary vacuuming. The mop is detachable so you only connect it when you want to mop, it even has an inbuilt water tank. It has a V-shaped motorised brush which is able to agitate stubborn dirt both on hard floors and on carpets.

With 5 cleaning modes, this robot vacuum can do just about any task which includes spot cleaning, edges and auto clean. Personally, I like the turbo boost which helps to get rid of sticky dirt on a hardwood floor. Unlike many other robots, this one has a gyro sensor which gives it the ability to clean in a more effective path without bumping into furniture.

What We Liked

  • It is affordable yet effective especially on hard floors and low carpets
  • It is a 2 in one robot vacuum since it can mop as well as do the dry cleaning
  • The bin can hold an entire days dirt without needing emptying
  • It is not noisy
  • It has 5 cleaning modes including one specifically for edges

What We Didn't Like

  • The bristles are soft which makes them not so effective on thick carpets
  • When moping, it is not effective on stains


Here is another vacuum that is under 200 dollars. The A4s is an upgrade of the A4 and they look pretty much the same with the differentiation in the added features. One of the new features is a longer runtime of between 120 and 140 minutes before it needs to be recharged. This robot vacuum also has more suction power for better cleaning of carpets and stubborn dirt on hard floors. It also comes with an extra set of power brushes for the edges as well as HEPA filters to ensure no allergens are blown back into the air.

It has also been equipped with better navigation and harder bristles for better cleaning of thicker carpets. I particularly like the mini room feature which prevents the robot from continuously cleaning a small room until the battery is low yet the room is already clean.

What We Liked

  • It has mini-room technology which saves battery power and is ideal for people with small homes
  • The price is affordable for people on a tight budget
  • It has an improved motor which improves efficiency and runtime
  • 140 minutes runtime is more than many other more expensive robot vacuums can run for
  • Low profile which lets it fit under furniture without getting stuck

What We Didn't Like

  • Its navigation is random which makes it not so effective

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot

If you only have hard floor and no carpets, this is probably the best robot vacuum for hard floors. It is able to sweep, mop and scrub the floor. What else would you want from a robot vacuum for hard floor? With its powerful motor, it will deal with different types of dirt right from dust to pet hair and certain stains on the floor. It can run for an impressive 140 minutes. The robot has road rover wheels which help it go over different surfaces with ease.

It is important though that you know you cannot schedule it to mop, this is something it should do only when you are around because it is not safe for it to recharge when the water tank is attached.

What We Liked

  • It is able to mop as well as scrub and sweep, this is quite effective
  • The strong motor makes it complete tasks faster than many other models
  • It has rover wheels which make it easy for it to move around and climb certain surfaces
  • It performs well yet it comes at a budget-friendly price
  • It is able to navigate around the room with ease and has sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs
  • There is a bumper on the front just in case it bumps into objects
  • It has a reasonably longer runtime compared to many other models

What We Didn't Like

  • It is mainly for hard floors so you would need to get a second one if you have part carpet in the house.

iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 combines most of the features you will find in many of these other best robot vacuums. I would have made it a number one choice if not for the hefty price tag that it comes with. This vacuum has room to room navigation which it does seamlessly and then finds its way back to the dock once the battery is low and it will resume vacuuming if it had not completed. It also has 10 times more power for vacuuming carpets.

The brushes it comes with a suitable for multi-surface cleaning and if you have pets you can trust it to get those pet hairs without getting entangled and stuck. The App for this robot allows you to control it from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and it provides a lot of information you would find useful like cleaning history, maintenance schedule as well as the ability to command it to clean a particular room, say because you are expecting visitors. If you do not mind the price tag, this is a good option.

What We Liked

  • The vacuum comes with an APP that allows you to control it from anywhere at any time
  • It has a carpet boost mode which provides 10 times more air power for cleaning carpets aggressively
  • The app also gives you access to support and tips that come in handy especially for first-time users
  • The battery runtime is 120 minutes which is long enough to vacuum the entire house

What We Didn't Like

  • The plastic bin seems a bit hard to remove and empty in comparison to other Roomba vacuums

Neato Botvac D5

The D shape of Neato robot vacuums stands out and this gives it the ability to clean edges that circular robots may have problems cleaning. Although this vacuum goes for over 500 dollars, it is still cheaper than the Roomba 980 but with similar performance. I like that it is able to map out the room before it begins vacuuming so that it will plan how it will execute the task.

It is able to clean both hard floors and carpets and you can direct it to clean just a particular spot instead of cleaning an entire room when all you want is to pick up some crumbs from the floor or just attend to a spot with pet hair. The Mobile APP gives you control of the robot from anywhere that you are.

What We Liked

  • It has pre-mapping which enables it to navigate through the area it is vacuuming without bumping into objects.
  • Its D-shape gives it the ability to vacuum along straight edges as well as curved ones
  • It can be programmed to carry out either complete vacuuming or just spot cleaning which can save the battery
  • Its brushes are larger than many other vacuums so it collects more hair faster
  • You can put room marking to stop it from going into certain areas

What We Didn't Like

  • It seems to be a bit harsh on wood floors as the polish will start wearing off quickly

The Winner of the Roundup!

This is quite a tight race and understandably you may have already decided which you think is the best. After considering a number of factors the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 gets the all thumbs up from us. First of all, it is more affordable than a number of Robot vacuums yet it will still manage to deliver a similar cleaning result which scores it points as the best robot vacuum.

Another feature is the comfort using it while doing other things like talking on phone or watching TV, it is reasonably quiet so you do not have to be out of the home when it is working. With its low profile, it is able to fit under couches and other furniture and you do not have to worry that it may get stuck while other robot vacuums either won’t be able to go under there or will just end up getting stuck. The N79 beats these other robot vacuums by a narrow margin with price and performance being key deciders.

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum

There are some points to consider before you buy a robot vacuum. Even before you start thinking of a brand or the price, you need to prepare yourself so that you can make the right choice. Here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction.

What are you going to use the vacuum for?

It may seem like an obvious answer, you are going to use it to vacuum. Well, that is not all, you need to consider if you want to use it on hard floors or on carpets or on both. This will determine what kind of robot vacuum to purchase. Some are best suited for particular areas. If you have thick carpet and you intend to use a robot vacuum, it is most important that you find the best robot vacuum for carpets otherwise you can end up being very disappointed if you end up with the wrong one. So match the tasks you intend to set for the robot with its ability.

How much furniture and clutter exists in your house

This is quite important because some robot vacuums are better than others when it comes to working around clutter or furniture. If you have a lot of stuff on the floor, it is best to find a vacuum that is able to navigate easily around objects without getting stuck or bumping into objects and causing a mess or getting spoiled.

Height of the robot vacuum

If you intend to have the vacuum clean under the couch or other low base furniture, you need to consider getting a vacuum that is not too high. If possible, measure the ground clearance of your furniture and then find a vacuum that can fit under there. Alternatively, you will have to vacuum under the sofa manually.


Robots are gadgets with advanced technology so consider what kind of technology features you would want to have. Would you be comfortable using your smartphone to operate the vacuum? This is both exciting and convenient but not everyone is comfortable with such technology. There are also different kinds of navigation systems so you can do a bit of research to find which you would prefer and how it affects the performance of the vacuum.

Performance and price

Some people are tempted to believe that the higher the price, the better the performance. This is not necessarily correct. You can find a really good robot vacuum at a considerably budget-friendly price. Focus more on the performance of the vacuum and then you can pay for what you can afford.


Robot vacuums do cost money and you would want to get value for money. Part of the value you should be able to get is a gadget that will not need to be replaced after a few weeks or months. Find one that is durable and also check the warranty so that if you get any problem, it can be replaced or fixed by the manufacturer or dealer.

You can watch more tips on how to buy a robot vacuum in this video.

Who Should Get a Robot Vacuum?

So, is a robot vacuum for you? Well here is the thing; would you appreciate coming home to a home that is already cleaned even if you left no one at home? If your answer is yes, then you should get a robot vacuum.

Robot vacuums are probably a must-have for busy people who do not have the time to vacuum daily.

If you own a dog or a cat, then you too should get a robot vacuum cleaner because it probably is too much work trying to clean up every spot of pet hair on the floor. A robot vacuum cleaner, however, can be scheduled to clean up every day which means you have less pet hair to worry about.

If you travel a lot and come back home to find your home full of dust, you could benefit from a robot vacuum that can be commanded using wifi from wherever you are.

Elderly people or sick people who may not be able to push around the ordinary vacuum cleaner, should consider getting this to make it easier to clean up their house floors instead of depending on other people to do it for them.

Also if you like and appreciate technology, you should get a robot vacuum, they are nice gadgets to have around and the closest to real life artificial intelligence house helps like you would see in an episode of the Jetsons

It is also important to know that robot vacuums are not suitable for very large houses as they run on battery so if the home is too big, the robot battery may run out of charge and need to return to the dock. Even the best robot vacuums are not able to climb up steps or go down so robot vacuums are best suited for single floor homes.

Different Types of Robot Vacuums

When identifying robot vacuums, we usually categorise them according to what function they are able to perform. Some others may be categorized by their shape. Here are the most common types of robot vacuums.

Hard-floor vacuum

These are vacuums that a designed mainly to work on hard floors, they tend to have softer bristles because they should not scratch the floor, especially wooden floors. These vacuums do a good job on hard floors and a reasonable job on low pile carpets, but you are likely to be disappointed if you tried to use them on thick carpets.

Robot vacuums for carpets

If you just want a vacuum for your carpet, then this is the one you could opt for. They have stiff bristles which are good for digging into the carpets and agitating the dirt and hairs trapped in there. These vacuums also have wheels that are able to roll easily over carpets without getting stuck.

Wet/mop robot vacuums

The name explains what these vacuums can do. The vacuum has a mop and it can be used to mop hard floors. Some of them also can suck up water that may have spilled on the floor. They are good for cleaning up messes on the floor say after the kids have been snacking.

Dry robot vacuum

They are the opposite of wet vacuums. They mainly deal with dry surfaces and their filters cannot manage wet rubbish.

Robot vacuum for pet hair

Vacuums for pet hair are designed to pick up pet hair from different surfaces. The more advanced ones are even equipped with tangle-free feature which allows it to shake itself free of hairs that may have caught the bristles.

Multipurpose robot vacuum

These are able to do a number of tasks. Sometimes they can be referred to as 2 in one or 3 in one. For example, they may be able to deal with dry dust as well as mop the floor clean.

D-shaped robot vacuum

They are designed like the letter D and this helps them vacuum corners where circular vacuums may not be able to. When the robot gets to a corner, it rotates so that the sharp edge can fit into the corner and enable it get the dirt in there.

Price and Warranty

While robot vacuums are usually expensive, there is a varied price range right from those under 100 dollars to those above 1000 dollars. The ones in this best robot vacuum guide range between $ 160 and $ 990. Some of the things you need to remember about price are:

  • checkPrice will not determine the performance of the vacuum
  • checkThe pricier robots tend to have more fancy features that are fun to have but not necessary
  • checkBrands like Roomba will be more expensive than most other brands but there are cheaper alternatives
  • checkYou can save on price by buying used ones

When it comes to warranty, we would advise you to always buy a robot vacuum that has a warranty. The terms and conditions of the warranty may defer according to the manufacturer as well as the quality of the product. Here are a few things to keep in mind about warranty.

  • checkAlways read the fine print in detail to know the terms of the warranty
  • checkThe warranty can give you an insight into how much trust the manufacturer has in their product
  • checkThe warranty may involve either replacement of the unit with a new or reconditioned one or repair of the one that has a defect
  • checkWarranty does not cover damage caused by wrong use of the item or carelessness
  • checkA longer warranty period is always best
  • checkSome companies will extend their warranty to cover upgrades.

Once again, always read the warranty terms and conditions to be sure of what is covered under it.

Technologies and Features

Robot vacuums are pretty much the technology of the future and already they are equipped with quite amazing technological features. Here are some of those that are quite impressive and you should always look out to see if the model you are buying has such features.


This is what helps the robot get around without bumping into objects. Some of the more advanced models like the Roomba will incorporate a mapping system which it will store in its memory so that it will not miss a spot. Navigation can also help the robot identify different rooms and after it is done or when the battery is low, it will return to its dock.

Wifi capability

We are all about internet and APPs and these intelligent helpers are not about to be left out. Wi-Fi enabled robots are able to connect to your mobile phone using an APP and instead of a remote control, you can use your phone to give it commands as well as to get information about the device for example when some parts need to be changed. We hope soon you will even be able to make upgrades using this connection.

Stair detection

This feature enables a robot to clean close to the edge of the stairs without falling down the stairs and probably breaking. The robot vacuum is equipped with sensors so just as it can detect objects, it can detect stairs.

Virtual barrier

The virtual barrier helps you to stop the vacuum from going beyond a certain point, sometimes this can also be used to prevent it from falling down the stairs, you can also use it to restrict it from entering certain spaces that may be too cluttered.

Power Boost

Other models are equipped with this feature which helps it increase the amount of suction or the intensity of the brush roll in areas that may need more attention. If for example, your pet likes to sleep on a particular spot on the carpet and so there is usually more hair, the robot can detect that there is more hair there and the power boost kicks in.


Some models also have scheduling enabled; this feature lets you schedule times when the vacuum should start work. If you are busy or you are leaving the house for a few days, you can schedule the vacuuming so that you do not return to a home carpeted with pet hair. Some robots can be scheduled for a number of days while others can only be scheduled for a short period


It is inevitable that the vacuum will run out of battery power after a few hours so instead of it dying under your chair and you have no idea where it is, the best vacuums have a feature that enables them to return to their charging port and recharge before they resume the vacuuming. This is convenient since you do not have to keep on carrying it and plugging it in when the battery runs out.

Advantages of Owning a Robot Vacuum

There are quite a few advantages of owning a robot vacuum and here are some of the key ones.

It saves time

Since you do not have to do the vacuuming yourself, you are able to save time and attend to other issues. For be busy people who can hardly find time to relax or do other things, the robot vacuum will give you one item to tick off your to-do list which will then free up time to attend to something else.

The house will be cleaner

For many people, vacuuming sometimes ends up being the victim of procrastination. You may decide not to vacuum today because you vacuumed yesterday, but if you have a pet or live in a dusty area, there will always be something to vacuum. A robot vacuum can be scheduled to vacuum every day which ensures that the home is cleaner than if you are the one doing the vacuuming when you feel like it.

It helps sick and elderly people

If you are sick or elderly, pushing around a vacuum cleaner is the last thing you would want to be doing and yet it is important to have a clean home. A robot vacuum is much easier to use since all you need to do is push a button and it will do the rest. This gives mobility challenged individuals more independence.

It makes keeping a pet easier

Dogs and cats tend to come with a lot of joy but they also present a challenge when you have to clean up after them after they have eaten and left a mess on the floor or with the hair they leave all over the home. A robot vacuum will do all the cleaning on the floor, leaving less work for you to do.

They can go where may not

Robot vacuums are able to go under furniture without having to move them which is something you may not feel like doing which is why many homes have a lot of dirt under the furniture and in corners. A robot vacuum, however, will go there and get it cleaned.


Let’s face it; many of us like to be able to boast that we have the latest gadgets. Owning a robot vacuum will make you look like one of those cool people among your friends.

Privacy concerns

Some robot vacuums especially those manufactured after 2015 with mapping ability actually have cameras on them in order to effectively map out your rooms and clean them effectively. This is a privacy concern especially after an interview with the makers of the Roomba revealed that they have this data stored and they intend to share it with Google and Amazon.

Before you go and kick out your trusted robot, you need to know that first of all this does not apply to all robot vacuums and even for the Roomba, it is only the 960 and 980 that have this ability even though future models may do the same.

iRobot, the makers of the Roomba assure their clients that they will be contacted for permission before such information is given to any 3rd parties. This means that this information will only be shared if you give your express permission.

If you are worried about hackers though, that is definitely a possible threat but we trust that iRobot and other robot makers have taken the necessary precautions. That though may not be enough so it is advisable that you too take precaution and update your connection with the latest Firmware to prevent hacking attacks.

All in all, there is no need for alarm and this information may just be used to have targeted ads for furniture makers who would be able to notice if your home may need more furniture or WiFi providers who may use it to test the concentration of the WiFi in your home.

Though I would think twice about undressing while a robot capable of mapping my floor is busy doing its job.

Care and Maintenance

Read instructions

If you buy a good robot vacuum, you should find that it comes with the instruction manual or they are available on the manufacturer’s website. Do not ignore the instructions. It is possible that a lot of the tips you will find in this section will be in the instruction book and this will save you from spoiling the vacuum as a result of misuse.

Clear clutter

Before you let the robot vacuum do its job, make sure that objects that do not need to be on the floor or that may end up getting in the way are removed. This could include children’s toys, your shoes that you left lying on the floor when you came back from partying last night or even your pet’s feeding bowl. Clutter could end up stopping the vacuum from proceeding any further or will cause it to neglect that spot since it notices there is something on its way.

Place the docking point in the open

It is important to have your robot gain easy access to its charging port. Do not hide it behind furniture or place it on a raised surface, most robots are designed to find their way back to the charge point but this is easier for them to do if the point is in the open.

Keep it clean

Your robot vacuum’s performance depends on how well you clean it. The filter and brushed are the parts that need the most attention. Dirt and hair can clog the filter or the brushes and this will affect how well they clean your home so make sure you keep them clean. It is also a good idea to clean the bin that collects the hair. How often you do this may depend on the instructions from the manufacturer but I would recommend after every use.

Periodic maintenance

As you use a machine- even the intelligent ones, parts wear out and these will need to be replaced or oiled or whatever. An experienced technician would be able to do that for you or once again you can consult the instruction manual to find out how to go about this.

Use the right tools for the right job

you may find some models have sweepers or mops and these are for hard floor and tiles. It would be advisable to remove them if you are going to vacuum the carpet as they may affect the performance of the robot, but once again, I suggest you check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the different tools and when to use them.

Keep the remote handy

: If you have ever spent half your favourite TV show looking for the remote to increase the volume, then you know why it is important to have a definite place to keep remotes, your relaxation may be interrupted just because you cannot find the remote and have to walk up to the vacuum to give it a command. Save yourself and keep the remote handy.

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