Cougar Ash Vacuum Review

Cougar Ash Vacuum Review

Do you worry about the amount of ash that escaped into the air as you vacuum? Do you also hate having to remove the filter to clean it every time you vacuum? Well here is a vacuum you probably will love.

The Cougar Ash Vacuum is one of the highly recommended vacuums for warm and cold ash but it can also handle still smouldering embers without fire risk. It is a vacuum you can use without having to wait for the ash to be all cold, if you left the fire burning through the night, you can wake up in the morning and vacuum when the ash is still warm.


Who the Cougar Ash Vacuum for?

If you do not like the auto stop feature that most ash vacuums have to prevent fires, then this vacuum is probably for you because you can continue vacuuming even if by mistake you suck in hot ash and there will be no risk of fires. You, however, should be ready for the price tag that comes with it.

Key Features of the Cougar Ash Vacuum

Flame resistant filter and canister

The filters on this cougar are made from fire resistant fibreglass which means if you accidentally sucked up hot particles, there is still no risk of a fire. The interior materials are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degrees which means you do not have to pause your task because the vacuum shut down to avoid a fire. This, however, does not mean you should intentionally use it on hot ash. It is designed for warm to cold only and this feature is just a safety precaution.

Easy clean filter

If you do not like the hassle of opening up the canister and removing the filter to get it clean, you will love this quick clean function. You simply have to remove the brass cap and then shake the agitator which will shake the filter from the inside without you having to worry about ash particles being inhaled as you shake the filters like you would with other ash vacuums. But you have to remember that after vacuuming about 60 to 80 gallons of ash, you will need to do a thorough clean which will involve actually removing the filter and giving it a good clean.

Powerful 6 Amp motor

The motor is the life of any vacuum and so it is important that it is strong. This motor gives 800watt power which makes it strong enough to quickly gobble up ash. You may worry that powerful motors will mean more noise, but this motor only emits 79dBs of noise which is fairly quiet compared to other models. The housing of the motor too contributes to its relatively silent motor. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty in case you have any problem with their motor. This lets you know just how durable the vacuum is.

Sealed Canister

Many vacuums tend to spew out some ash through their exhaust, this vacuum, on the other hand, keeps the ash inside, the canister is totally sealed so that you are sure you will not inhale particles of ash as you vacuum. The sealed canister will also ensure that you do not have to vacuum your furniture and carpet to remove the ash that may have settled there as a result of the spewed ash. This makes the vacuum healthy for you to use because your lungs will not end up with ash particles.

Convenient carry handle

You are able to carry the vacuum using its well positioned top carry handle. It is made from strong steel and has a plastic covering at the top so that the metal does not dig into your fingers when it is full. The handle can fold to the side like a bucket handle, out of the way when you are not using it. The handle can also be used to give the canister some lift if you are vacuuming a raised surface and the hose cannot reach easily.

Highlighted features

  • Powerful 6Amp motor but with 79dB noise level
  • Sealed canister which prevents ash from being spewed into the air
  • Patent filter system which can handle the finest ash particles
  • It has 10 tools which come with a carry bag that can be stored on the unit


  • It has a sealed canister which does not let any ash back out into the air
  • Designed with thermal plastic which can withstand high temperature
  • You can clean the filter without having to open the vacuum
  • It is durable with a 10-year warranty- In comparison to other vacuums, it is not so loud


  • This is one of the most expensive ash vacuums
  • It has a narrow nozzle which clogs when used on chunks of leftover coals and wood

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the difference between the cougar and the Cheetah II

A. These 2 are pretty similar but the biggest difference is that the Cougar is a lot quieter while the Cheetah noise level is above 90dB

Q. If you buy other accessories, can you use it for ordinary vacuuming

A. You would first of all have to get accessories that fit, also this was designed for ash so bigger particles may clog the nozzle and hose


If you are able to spend over 200 dollars on an ash vacuum, this vacuum is probably a good option for you. Its sealed canister is one of the most impressive aspects of the vacuum as you do not have to suffer with residue ash in the air. It is powerful and gets the job done quickly and you do not have to remove and clean the filter every time you vacuum. Most people who have bought it say they are happy with it.

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