Dustless Technologies 16003 Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Dustless Technologies 16003 Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

When vacuuming at a worksite, it becomes a bother when you have to stop and switch from the dry filter to the wet filter especially when tired. With the Dustless Technologies 16003 wet and dry vacuum, there is no reason to do that, it will suck up both wet and dry with no pause in between. If you are thinking of getting yourself a vacuum for a worksite, then this Dustless Technologies 16003 wet dry vacuum review might give you more confidence to own one.

Who is the 16003 made for?

This is best suited for workshops, construction sites or for cleaning up after a do it yourself job at home. If you deal with fine dust and need a vacuum that will not let the dust escape, you probably will appreciate this. Also, garages and basements that have both wet and dry waste can be handled with this Dustless Vacuum.

Features of the Dustless Technologies 16003 Wet/Dry Vacuum

Nonstop wet or dry vacuuming

The filter in the vacuum is made to handle both wet and dry waste so there is no need to stop and change filters in the middle of vacuuming. If for example you have been fixing a leaking pipe and the floor has water as well as sand and cement, you will not need to start by vacuuming the dry sand and then switch the filter to clean up the water and sand mixed with water. This way you save time and effort.

Drywall dust filter

This vacuum has 2 layer filtration and this ensures that drywall dust particles will not escape into the air through the exhaust. I have observed a number of vacuums letting out the small particles of dust and drywall dust is quite fine and would escape most filters but with this one, you can trap fine dust and not expose yourself to breathing in the dangerous drywall dust. Just to be clear, though, this is not a HEPA filter but a 5-micron filter.

Easy to clean filter

The filter can be cleaned without having to open the vacuum, this saves you from having a mess on the floor of having dust particles rising into the air. You simply have to shake the agitator road and that will loosen the dirt and debris from the filter as you go on to vacuum. When you are done vacuuming, you can repeat the cleaning process but you can also wash the filter to ensure it is completely clean after use. You may also like the fact that you can machine wash the filter so less work for you.

Ample reach

This 16003 comes with a 12-foot hose as well as 2 extension wands (19inch) when you combine the 2 you have over 20 feet of reach. Considering it can be used for drywall dust, you will be vacuuming walls as well so to get to the top of the wall, you simply need to add the extensions and you have more than enough reach. Having reach saves you from having to get too close to fine dust as you vacuum.

Sufficient Capacity

The collection tank is 16 gallons and this is sufficient for professional jobs as well as domestic. If you are at a worksite with a lot of dust and debris, it will help to have a vacuum that can contain a fair amount of waste before you need to empty it, this saves your energy and time. With 16 gallons you probably could clean up the entire workshop before you need to empty the tank. Sometimes you may not have a dump site nearby so you need to be able to contain all the waste until you get to the dump.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual filter handles wet and dry waste
  • 16-gallon capacity
  • 12- foot hose
  • Filtration up to 5 microns
  • 3.1 peak horsepower motor
  • Washable filter


  • ​You can vacuum wet or dry without changing filter
  • Fine dust filter for cleaner safer exhaust air
  • Long hose for sufficient reach
  • Constant powerful suction
  • Big storage tank


  • The clips on the lid seem rather brittle if you are not careful they could break.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does it come with the filter bags or do you order the separately

A. The one I ordered came with 2 filter bags.

​Q. How do you empty the canister?

A. If you are dealing with dry waste, it will be collected in the bag so out take out the bag and dump the contents. For liquids, there is a drain at the bottom.


This is an industrial grade vacuum and if you are a professional, you might appreciate that you do not need to waste time changing filters as you clean up. You can also take care of your health if you deal with harmful material like drywall dust, the HEPA filters, and the collection bag ensure fine dust is not let out as you vacuum.

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