Ridgid WD4522 Review

Ridgid WD4522 Pro Pack Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

For a handyman who carries out a number of small repairs here and there, I need to ensure I leave the place clean, but most vacs tend to be rather bulky, so when I saw this Ridgid WD4522, I figured it would be a good choice because it can fit all the tools plus the cord in the storage space and it is shaped just like a tool box which makes it easy to carry. In this Ridgid WD4522 Pro Pack Portable Wet Dry Vacuum Review, you will find enough information to decide if it is a purchase you should make.

Who is the Ridgid WD4522 made for?

The shape and storage feature of this vacuum point to a target who moves around with their Vac like a construction worker, handyman, plumber and the like. If you want to detail your car, you may also like this vacuum dust dirt and debris are what it handles best but can also be used occasionally for wet pick up.

Features of the Ridgid WD4522 Pro Pack Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

Toolbox Style Storage

The vacuum is designed like a toolbox with a hinged storage compartment where you can keep all the accessories as well as the cord. This makes it easy to carry it around to different sites without having to worry that you may have left something behind. I find that quite often I may place a tool somewhere and forget where I placed it as I work and end up leaving it behind but with the tool box, I simply drop it back in there when I'm done using it.

Long Cord

The Ridgid WD4522 has a long 20-foot cord which gives you a wide radius to cover. At some work sites, I find that the sockets are not close to the area you are working at so having a long cord enables you to plug in and still have sufficient reach. The long cord also comes in handy when cleaning the car as you are able to reach different parts of the car without having to use an extension or moving the car.


A number of features contribute towards the portability of this vacuum. For starters, the shape like a toolbox makes it easy to carry around, the positioning of the handle as well balances out the weight so that even with the accessories and cord in there, you do not feel it is too heavy. The plastic design as well, as opposed to steel, makes it light weight. You may also find that it is much easier to fit into the boot of your car or truck when you are taking it to a site.

Powerful Suction

The Vac is fitted with a powerful 5.0 peak horsepower motor that produces powerful suction. Looking at the vacuum, you may think because it is not so bulky and is only 4.5 gallons, you may imagine it is not powerful but when you put it to the test you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by how strong it is and how fast it can clean up dust and debris. It can also be used for liquids and it does an equally impressive job. You may also like the fact that it is not as loud as other 5.0 HP wet and dry vacs.

No Wheels

It is a flat-bottomed box that you will have to either carry or drag on the floor, but before you get discouraged, this is actually a good thing because unlike vacs that have wheels, this one will not begin to roll on its own if you place it on a slanting surface, it is stable on the ground and when working on staircases, you can place it on the step and not worry that it may tip over. The bottom is quite hard as well so you can drag it on the floor by the hose.

Highlighted Features

  • ​Toolbox storage compartment
  • 20-foot cord
  • 5.0 peak horsepower
  • 4.5-gallon storage
  • Quiet operation
  • Cushion grip handle that can fold
  • Fine dust filter


  • ​Onboard storage for all accessories and cord
  • Easy to carry around to work sites
  • Lightweight
  • Long cord for easy reach
  • Easy to store
  • Powerful suction
  • Lifetime warranty


  • ​Everything is kept in the same compartment so sometimes you need to get out everything to be able to reach things at the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the vac have HEPA filters?

A. No it does not but it comes with fine dust filter which can also trap small particles of dust

​Q. What is covered under the warranty?

​A. The lifetime warranty covers any damage caused by faulty manufacture or if the machine fails to work as it should and it is not caused by normal wear and tear or misuse. You can read the warranty for details.


If you are looking for a portable wet and dry vac then the Ridgid WD4522 may be something you will like. Its onboard storage is just like a tool box which ensures there is just one unit to carry around and fit into your car boot, its long hose comes in as an advantage as you can vacuum a wider area and its suction is quite strong yet it is not very noisy. It is a product I would recommend for handymen.

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